Caroline Taymor

Software Engineer. Tech Speaker.

I'm a software engineer and mathematician with a passion for making operations less painful. I'm currently a software engineer at Pivotal Cloud Foundry. As lead developer, I recently led the PCF OpsManager team in building a deployer for Cloud Foundry. I first fell in love with operations while wrangling complex build and deploy pipelines, and shipping a Ruby on Rails app as a vm image on 5 different IaaSes. I have a passion for making teams better. I'm an expert in learning new programming languages, having learned Ruby, Javascript, and Go on the job. I never expected to have OpinionsTM about IaaSes, but here we are. In my spare time, I study talmud and paint. I'm available to give talks on a number of subjects at meetups and conferences on Ruby, Rails, shipping Ruby on Rails applications as VM images, pair programming, integrating with multiple IaaSes, and automating release cycles.

I celebrate professional acheivements with donuts.

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